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Signs You Need a Drain Cleaning Near Me in Withrop College, SC

When you’re a homeowner, you want everything to work. Whether it’s your stove, shower, or reclining chair, you never want anything to break down in your Withrop College, SC house. That’s why you get things cleaned, maintained, and repaired when needed. Many homeowners get their chimneys swept yearly and hire someone to climb on their roofs and clean their gutters. Hiring a professional to take care of your home is as essential as mowing your lawn.

However, when was the last time you called DTH Plumbing and Septic to perform a drain cleaning? It probably has been a while, if at all. You may not think of your drains or your septic tank often, but you should get it checked on and cleaned before something goes wrong. You don’t want a warning from your pipes that they’re not working. Some signs that you need to search for a drain cleaning near me are if you have slow drains, foul odors, and standing water.

Don’t wait until something starts to go awry before you find drain cleaners in York County. You need the best drain cleaners to ensure you don’t have to worry about your pipes for a while after the cleaning. That’s why you should call the professionals, like DTH Plumbing and Septic. Below, we’ll discuss all the signs that you need a drain cleaning.

Why You Need a Drain Cleaning

Think about how often you use your sink every day, whether your bathroom or kitchen sink. Do you let old food go down your drain when you’re washing dishes? What about your toilet? Do you flush things that you shouldn’t? You may require a drain cleaning if you don’t care for your pipes in your Withrop College, SC home.

Objects can get stuck in your drains if you’re not careful with them. When they lodge themselves in, it’s almost impossible to get them out without calling the professionals. While you can use a drain cleaner, there are many reasons you should call a plumber instead—we will go into those reasons later.

However, it’s hard to ensure your drain works as it should if you don’t know the warning signs that show that something is wrong. Below, we’ll discuss the telltale signs that you need a drain cleaner in Withrop College, SC.

Slow Drains

One obvious sign that your drains aren’t working as they should is if it takes your sink a while to drain. Let’s say you’re washing dishes, and when you finish, you pull the plug to let the water go down the drain. You wait and wait, but it seems to take longer than normal. That can signify that you need a drain cleaning.

If you have obstructions in your pipes, the water can’t get through. Especially if you’re letting something other than liquid—like old food—go down the drain with the water, it can take even longer. If your sink doesn’t drain fast enough, you may have a clog somewhere in your pipes, and you need to call a York County plumber to help.

Foul Odors

Another sign that something has gone awry in your pipes is if you start to notice a foul odor in your home. This is an unexplained odor, and you can’t seem to locate the source. However, this is worse than a simple bad odor: it will smell like sewage.

Next time you smell an unexplained odor in your home by your sinks, shower, or yard, don’t reach for the spray or light a candle. Instead, call DTH Plumbing and Septic, so we can get your home smelling nice again; no candles required.

Fruit Fly Problems

If you notice fruit flies in your home, your first thought may not be on your drains. You may focus on getting rid of them rather than finding the source. However, fruit flies in your home can signify that you need to pull out your laptop and search for “Drain cleaners near me” for a solution.

The fruit flies aren’t attracted to the bananas in your fruit bowl but the food sitting in your drain. If you notice fruit flies taking over your Withrop College, SC home, you need a drain cleaning.

Gurgling Noises

When you drain your sink or bathtub, listen for any strange noises. If you hear a gurgling sound, you should call a professional right away. The gurgling noise can come from air bubbles forming as the water tries to get past a clog.

Drain Cleaning Near Me in Catawba, SC

While this means the water can still pass through, you should find a solution before the clog makes it impossible for you to dispose of your water.

Mold or Pests in Drains

No one ever wants mold or pests in their home, especially not in your drains. You may notice mold growth by its signature musty smell. Mold adores dark, damp areas. What’s better than your drains? A large clog can cause your pipes to leak, thus allowing mold to enter and grow.

Also, if you have a leak in your pipes, insects or pests can enter your drain. If you notice insects in your sinks, that can mean you have a leak in your pipes, and you need to call a York County plumber to locate the leak.

Clogging Toilets and Sinks

Another obvious sign that you need a drain cleaning in Withrop College, SC is if your toilets and sinks clog continuously. You should pay attention to this if your toilets or sinks clog without reason.

No one wants to deal with a toilet or sink that never seems to flush right the first time. If you have been living with a clogging toilet for too long, you should find a plumber to help clean your drains.

Standing Water

Standing water can also hint that you need to search for a drain cleaning near me. If you have standing water in your sink, shower, or washing machine after draining it, this can show that you have a clog in your drain keeping the water out.

Also, pay attention to your yard. If you notice standing water outside in your yard, that can mean there’s an issue with your septic tank that you need to address.

Too Much Drain Cleaner

Now, you may not want to hire a professional. It can take some time and cost some money, so you may opt for a drain cleaner instead. However, never use liquid drain cleaners. The chemicals inside them are corrosive because they need to eat through the clogs. Unfortunately, nothing stops them from eating through your drains too.

While you can get away with using a little liquid drain cleaner every once in a while for minor clogs, using too much can damage your pipes.


As a homeowner, you want your home to work as well as it did the day you moved in. While you may care for your dishwasher and toilet when you notice something seems off, you should also consider your pipes. Look out for these signs that you need drain cleaning in York County. If you do, search for “drain cleaning near me,” and call DTH Plumbing and Septic at 839-222-6424 today.

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